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mitel logoWe propose the Mitel brand as the ideal platform for small and medium businesses interested in the latest technology and application capability but not necessarily ready to go with a pure IP solution.

It will enable you to blend your voice system with the data network, creating an efficient, cost-effective communications environment.

The Mitel phone system natively provides both digital and IP capabilities – you will be able to easily adapt your system and grow it over time and at your own pace.

With feature-rich network capabilities, you will be able to effectively connect geographically dispersed employees and locations, whether linking offices and applications together over a data network or deploying digital and IP phones to on-site employees.

The Mitel phone system includes a complete suite of business applications out of the box, including unified voice messaging, hot desking, Meet-Me Conferencing, ACD and enhanced mobility with Dynamic Extension Express and teleworking. In addition, it supports the same award-winning Mitel Unified Communications Application portfolio that is used with the Mitel enterprise platform. Our Mitel phone systems support over 250 users in multiple sites.

Lines and Minutes

In this current economic climate, everyone is looking to reduce costs. Telephone charges are no exception. As essential tools within your business, telephony and internet charges quickly rise if not correctly managed.

With an investment of just 30 minutes of your time, we will carry out a free no-obligation analysis of your current arrangements and advise you of the options available to save you money on both calls and line rental. On average, we save our clients over 30% on their bills – some considerably more!

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So please send us your current bill today and we'll show you how much you can save. You won’t have to change your telephone numbers – in fact the only change you will notice is the smaller bill!


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